Peter Guest


The boundaries between the online world and the offline are as thin as electrons. Conspiracy theories crawl out of social media with violent intent, warping politics and fracturing societies. An attempt to democratise money ends up with burning coal, burning cars and a new oligopoly. Revolutions started on social media are smashed offline, and authoritarian regimes turn the tools of revolt against their own people, for propaganda, surveillance and intimidation. Meatspace is a travel guide to the physical and human geography of the internet; how technologies that were supposed to make us freer, smarter and more connected have been hijacked to make us more controlled, more compliant, and more divided.

Dispatches from the dark heart of the internet

Coming soon in 2024

The author

Peter Guest is an award-winning journalist working on the political, social and environmental impact of technology. Currently the Business Editor of WIRED, he has written for the Atlantic, Bloomberg Businessweek, Newsweek, Monocle, MIT Tech Review and the Financial Times.